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Update - Thursday 15th December 2011

posted 16 Dec 2011, 01:36 by Monash Running   [ updated 16 Dec 2011, 01:38 ]

Tuesday Evening Running Squad at Monash Clayton


We’ll be in action again as usual next Tuesday evening 20th December  2011

·        Although we had our ‘official’ Christmas break up this week – any of you who would like to say around for a short while after training next Tuesday - 20th – would be more than welcome to
join a few of us who are planning a quiet drink/celebration, just
at the baseball pavilion. BYO.

We’re located at the Baseball field, & using the pavilion over there. Access by car is quite good & parking is very handy - enter from Ring Road East & go around to the Baseball field along the road  around the back (Wellington Rd end) of Oval 1.

Remember we won’t however be in action on Tuesday evening December 27th – and we’ll resume in 2012 on Tuesday 3rd January. Usual spot, usual time – ready to run off the Christmas cheer.


Our Running Squad 2011 Christmas celebration was held after training at the Clayton Campus on Tuesday night last

Special thanks to everyone for your participation but specially to Chris for his incredible effort in pulling this gathering together – for providing such a terrific spread – and for helping make it such a fun / enjoyable event. And thanks to Peter for his generous provision of some great cheesecakes.

·        Follow the below link to photos of Tuesday’s night’s great fun team relay (thanks for your help with posting these Ji) – sorry – none of the BBQ however;

In my few words I highlighted just a few of the more memorable reasons/excuses put to me by many of you for not making it of a particular Tuesday evening – very imaginative & original !

·        Thanks to all for making it such an enjoyable event on Tuesday evening

This week


Our annual Christmas relay – 4 person teams – was a great success – even if the international  relay rules were disregarded lots of times. I must say that the golf ball relay ‘batons’ were a challenge to some – but most of the balls made it to the finish line one way or another.

Congratulations to all teams on your great efforts – but especially to Ashley’s team (Ashley, Katharina, Mairead & Carlo) which ‘won’, with Chris’s team (Chris, Darren, Ramona & Thanesh) a close second. The method of determination of the winner remains a secret between Len & I.

Attendance was very good, 40 +,  but of course the BBQ was an added attraction.

We welcomed 2 potential new squad members this week – Antony Gutsa & David Gogoasa – and both joined in our fun relay. We hope that you‘ll both return in the future.

Gordon didn’t make it last night – other pressing activities – but he’ll be back soon.

Our Website ‘Monash University Running Squad’

 As we’re keen to keep the site current please send to me details of any runs/races you’ve been part of,  or other items of interest.


I still have a limited supply of running diaries for any of you who might like to keep tabs on your training/progress. Just send me a note if you’d like one. And I am happy to chat about training programs as well as review diary entries.


Saturday Morning Hill Session at Jells Park



Our  Hill session WILL NOT go ahead again next Saturday morning (17th December) – as many are competing in the afternoon.


But if there’s enough interest we will meet on Saturday week – Christmas Eve -  24th December – for our final hill session for 2011.


So on the 24th we’ll meet at the usual  spot, ready to run, at 8.30am SHARP out the front of the cafe – ‘Madeline’s’.


Enter Jells Park from the entrance in Waverley Rd extension – opposite the Glen Waverley Golf Course. Please try to be on time.


Monash Sport Membership

I have a supply of flyers with me each week with details of the great benefits & services, as well as current ‘offers’ available to Monash Sport members. – take one.

Visit the Monash Sport website: