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TV's Update - Wednesday 30th May 2012

posted 30 May 2012, 04:57 by Monash Running   [ updated 30 May 2012, 04:58 ]

This week – Tuesday 29th May – another good one for running


We encountered a quite nice night this week – after a few very ordinary days – in fact not everyone was totally ‘rugged up’ – a few ran in singlets/shorts

Another potential new squad member joined us this week – Ze Yu – we hope you enjoyed the experience enough to return Ze. And it was nice to have Eduardo rejoin us after an absence.

We had an attendance of 47 hardy souls, which was excellent given a large number were away for the break, but next Tuesday will be a real test the first experience as Winter 2012 will have started.

Our  session was 15 minutes of 200s with a short jog/float recovery and this went extremely well. As mentioned to many of our regulars I can certainly see improvement in you – almost week to week – so please keep up the runs as much as possible on other days of the week.

No confusion this week at all with the whistle as it was a whistle free session – but give me time – it’ll happen again for sure.

As mentioned above please endeavour to get in a few other runs during the week and/or on weekends – it really does help – and not much time is needed. Even a short run is better than none.

Don’t hesitate to ask me if you would like any help at all with a regular training program and/or ideas on opportunities to get into a few races to test your progress.

·        Thanks again to all who sent me apologies for their absence on Tuesday night, this is a great habit to get into & demonstrates your commitment to our squad  – hope to see you back soon, if not next week.


Of course will be in action on Tuesday next 5th June 2012


In 2012, as usual, we’re located at the Baseball field, & using the pavilion over there. Access by car is quite good & parking is very handy - enter from Ring Road East & go around to the Baseball field along the road around the back (Wellington Rd end) of Oval 1. You can park at the rear of the pavilion if space – or on the dirt road above if you like.


A Reminder

Please keep off the main (fenced) oval when warming up /warming down – we don’t want to get on the wrong side of the friendly groundsman.


Saturday Morning Hill Session at Jells Park


Our  Hill session WILL go ahead again next Saturday morning (2nd June) - at Jells Park, and I’ll be there. We’ll meet at the usual  spot, ready to run, at 8.30am SHARP (please try to be on time) -  out the front of the cafe – ‘Madeline’s’. Enter Jells Park from the entrance in Waverley Rd extension – opposite the Glen Waverley Golf Course.

Stay for a coffee/chat after if time permits


Monash Sport Membership

A message from Monash Sport

The benefits of cross training are well documented, so to maximise your cardio fitness in a low impact environment enjoy a swim session in the newly retiled Doug Ellis Swimming Pool - Clayton campus. Discounts on casual visits and aquatics memberships are available for current Monash University students, and a free 7 day trial is available across all our facilities (gyms, group fitness classes and aquatics facility) so come on over for a swim and see the new pool for yourself!


Link :


Monash Tues Night Running Group


This is the link to the Running Group Facebook page!/groups/70531756551/ if you “Like” this page then you will be part of the group, you can also add friends to this page who might like the group.

We will continue to put up pictures and video for everyone to see on this page and if you have liked it you will be notified.

Cheers Chris Allan


Our Website ‘Monash University Running Squad’


For results, photos, reports etc


News & Results



·        10K Road Race at Flemington – Saturday 27th May 2012-05-29


Congrats to our squad members on some great runs;


Laurent Juglair 38.02.5, Matt Haeussler 38.04.2, Leo Enter 39.13.3, Nick Boustead 38.40.0, Justin Bott 39.53.9, Peter Bence 40.48.4, John Evans 42.01.4, Dennis Gellert 42.29.4, Alex Stewart 42.30.5, Nenad Radosevic 42.33.6, Len Johnson 42.46.9, Rohan Simkin 43.32.5, Laure Eades 45.00.8, Marc Chew 49.56.0


·        Emer Casey Run Melbourne (Sunday - 27th May 2012) at Monash Uni Clayton Campus


·                  Congratulations to all of you who participated in either the 5k or 10k 0 for such a great cause;
·                  Steven Bonfadini (2nd in 10k), Johnny Cho (2nd in 5k), Marc Chew, Monika Fekete, Tom Castle, Perrine Hamel, John Evans,     Amy Pollock, Carlo Chiodo, George Symeou, Dan Jitnah, Dennis Gellert, Ly Ho & ?
·         Times are not yet available.
And thanks to Chris Allan & Mikhail Bhatia for your valuable assistance at the start/finish area.

I have a limited supply of running diaries for any of you who might like to keep tabs on your training/progress. Just send me a note if you’d like one. And I am happy to chat about training programs as well as review diary entries.

A great number of you now have diaries – how about starting to bring them along on Tuesday evening for me to review your progress ?


Our Mailing List


If you are on our mailing list – but no longer interested or involved in the Running Squad – please let me know by return email  so I can remove you from our circulation.