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TV's Update - Wednesday 19th September 2012

posted 19 Sep 2012, 04:05 by Monash Running

This week – Tuesday 18th September 2012



Threatening weather had some effect on numbers this week – as well as lots of really good reasons for squad members inability to attend.

Still we had a great turnout – 49 hardy souls – on what actually turned out to be an excellent night for running.


·        We welcomed three  new squad member this week – Parris Burtenshaw, Adrian Sergovich & Tim Buckenham. We trust that you all really enjoyed the experience – and will return.

·        And Cesar was back after a long absence


This week we ventured over to the lake to do the popular (with some) Hills Session – 15 min around the undulating lake perimeter path. Well done to all of you ! This session occurs about every 4 or 5 weeks – so a break now till we are back there again.


Don’t hesitate to ask me if you would like any help at all with a regular training program or goal setting and/or ideas on opportunities to get into a few races to test your progress.


I was really pleased to receive the following message from a former Monash Squad member (Graduate), now working in the Act,  a few days ago;

 “I just wanted to say quickly that I was able to improve significantly with the help of your Tuesday evening sessions. Two years ago I ran 65 minutes in the Run Melbourne 10km while this year I was able to get sub 48 minutes in Canberra.’
Thanks again and I think I've learned a fair bit from the running group.”

As usual we will be in action on Tuesday next, 25th September  2012


In 2012, as usual, we’re located at the Baseball field, & using the pavilion over there. Access by car is quite good & parking is very handy - enter from Ring Road East & go around to the Baseball field along the road around the back (Wellington Rd end) of Oval 1. You can park at the rear of the pavilion if space – or on the dirt road above if you like



Saturday Morning Hill Session at Jells Park


Our  Hill session WILL go ahead again next Saturday morning (22nd September) - at Jells Park, and I’ll be there. We’ll meet at the usual  spot, ready to run, at 8.30am SHARP (please try to be on time) -  out the front of the cafe – ‘Madeline’s’. Enter Jells Park from the entrance in Waverley Rd extension – opposite the Glen Waverley Golf Course.

No racing this weekend so I expect a big turnout.


Running Group Waiver Form – A message from Monash Sport.

All participants of the Running Group are required by the University to complete a waiver form. This form has a number of purposes. It firstly acts as a waiver to advise participants of the potential risks involved in the activity. It will also provide Monash Sport with valuable statistics in regards to who (student/staff/alumni/community) is participating in this activity. The University is requesting information on who is participating in all of Monash Sport's programs so this will assist Monash Sport in their reporting back to the University about student, staff and alumni usage. The form also provides an emergency contact point should anything happen. Hopefully we never need to use this information though!

If you haven't completed a form already, please click on the link below to download a form, complete it and bring it to the next session and give it to me /TV.

I will have spare blank forms with me of a Tuesday evening. Thanks to the great many of you who have completed & returned forms to me already.

News from Monash Sport


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TeamMONASH Events

Events season is upon us, and TeamMONASH has saved the biggest events for last! We have Mega Swim, Melbourne Marathon and Around the Bay in a Day registrations now open. First time participant? Get your free TeamMONASH Singlet/Tee when you register with TeamMONASH after purchasing your ticket through the event organiser! Visit for all our upcoming events in semester 2, 2012. 


Monash Tuesday Night Running Group


This is the link to the Running Group Facebook page!/groups/70531756551/ if you “Like” this page then you will be part of the group, you can also add friends to this page who might like the group.

We will continue to put up pictures and video for everyone to see on this page and if you have liked it you will be notified.

Chris Allan is our facebook guru.

·        See this week – Sarah climbs Mt Kilimanjaro, as well as photos from last Saturday’s tan Relays.




Tan Relays last Saturday – each runner did 12 lap of the ‘Tan’ – 3.8km. Times for our squad members;

Alex Stewart


Kara Gilbert


Alice Enter


Katharina Strobel


Amanda Tabib


Len Johnson


Amelia Aslanides


Leo Enter


Andrew Rodda


Lyndon Loader


Beau Lang


Mairead Dwyer


Celine Tasset


Marc Chew


Chris Allan


Matt Haeussler


Chris Winter


Nenad Radosevic


Daniel Jitnah


Paulina Mikulic


Daniel Loader


Peter Bence


Darren Landsberg


Radha Maganti


David Dowe


Rebecca Beagley


Dennis Gellert


Rohan Simkin


Georgie Beech


Sam Toll


Graham Black


Sarah Lund


Han Quach.


Shaun Lenehan


Helen Rainey


Simon Bowly


Ian Henderson


Stacey Bulger


John Evans


Steven Bonfadini


Johnny Cho


Tarli Bird


Justin Bott


Tom Castle


Tony Frantz