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Tuesday July 2nd 2011

posted 6 Jul 2011, 18:18 by Monash Running

A bit cold – and wet - for running  this week – with the result we had our smallest turnout for quite some time – just 18 of us . But amazingly the rain again held off for most of the session and it was really quite a nice night for running (unless you had something better to do !)

See attached photo of most of the hardy group who made it on Tuesday night – my apologies to the couple who missed the photo shoot.

And I must say a sincere thanks to the 35 or so of you who took the trouble to send me your apology for missing the session. There were some pretty interesting reasons/excuses put forward for non-attendance this week.

After the usual warm up we did a great 15 minute session of approx 200m efforts with a pretty short recovery jog/float after each – on the grass. Then a 15 minute warm down run, topped off by as few strides at the end .

Not surprisingly we welcomed no new members on Tuesday evening.

A number of you who have joined us for the first time in recent weeks have not returned since – and have sent no advice of your intentions. I’d appreciate an early note from those of you in this category please. Some will be removed from our ‘roll’ soon if no word.

I know that there will be lots of absentees over the next few weeks – but despite this we will still have a big squad each week so please do your best to attend.

I still have a small supply of running diaries – let me know if you’d like one. And I’m keen to review your progress by checking the diary for you every so often.
Monash Running,
6 Jul 2011, 18:23