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Thursday 3rd March, 2011

posted 2 Mar 2011, 14:43 by Leanne Dyksterhuis   [ updated 2 Mar 2011, 14:54 ]

Congratulations to all who attended on Tuesday evening this week – you were part of a fantastic new record attendance !! There were 68 of us on the track.

Reasonably fine weather for us this week, but hey – what happened to Summer ?

Our session this week was ‘Mona Fartlek’, with a great ‘TV’ modification at the start just to confuse you all – and me as well!* Usual 15 min warm up & 15 min warm down.

We welcomed another 12 new squad members this week , how incredible is that ?? –Oliver Dunbabin, Gail Schwartz, Kate Watkins, Andrew Johnson, Julia Gluchowska, Vanessa King, Jason Mok, Morgane Prothais, Kim Leangki, Jason Phong, Ben Yong, Lewis Tonks. A very warm welcome to all of you – and congratulations on your great participation on Tuesday evening.

And it was good to say hi to Kim Wamper who dropped in on us - Kim was a regular squad member when studying at Monash. Kim is now back home – in the Netherlands – but was visiting Melbourne for just a few weeks

It was fantastic to see Rebecca Beagley, Kathy Lizama, & Johnny Cho back with us after absences for a range of reasons & periods.

Our Hill session WILL go ahead again this coming Saturday morning (5th March) - at Jells Park, and I’ll be there for sure. We’ll meet as usual at 8.30am SHARP out the front of the cafe – ‘Madelines’. Enter Jells Park from the entrance in Waverley Rd extension – opposite the Glen Waverley Golf Course.


*and an historic event! it actually decreased our effort time... never to be repeated I'm sure- LD