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This week - Tuesday 23rd February 2016

posted 27 Feb 2016, 00:08 by Rosemary Waghorn   [ updated 9 Mar 2016, 06:19 ]
Hi All

Special thanks to Bencey & Graham B for their great help in setting out the Time Trial circuit, to Rosemary for preparing the recording sheets & for compiling the results, Peta for photos, & thanks to John Bonfadini for his great job of time calling. We missed Chris & Len - but they’ll be back.

Attendance this week was 60 - and we welcomed a few new members – Jamin Wu, Gai Chuatwea, Jasmine Zhu, Julian Lloyd, & Ravee Pathya. We hope you enjoyed the experience - and will be coming back.

We had 53 participants in this week’s time trial - and for about a dozen of those it was their first Time Trial.  Of those who had run one previously 11 had new ‘PB’s’ - a terrific indication of progress.

Results should be up on Facebook & on our website pretty soon.

The tentative date for our next 2km Time Trial is Tuesday 12th April