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This week – Tuesday 19th March 2013

posted 21 Mar 2013, 19:54 by Monash Running
What an incredible turn out again this week – 83 – a near record – and I had lots of apologies (which I do appreciate receiving thanks, as this demonstrates a level of commitment !)

Another 8 new Run Monash members joined us on Tuesday night - Dale Donohue, Riana Gayle, Cathal O’Connell. Wilson Lam, Sean Foo, Estella Koh, Jaime Tan, Emily McCaige . Welcome to you all. Would those of you ‘newies’ who were unable to complete a ‘Waiver Form’ for me (as I’d left them behind !) please do so next Tuesday evening – 26th

Sorry to hear that Eduardo has returned to Mexico – we received a very nice farewell note from him. And Tom Castle is now lost to us as he has a position in the city & can’t get away in time to make it to our sessions

This week we were back at the popular lake circuit – 15 min of short hill efforts – which was handled well by everyone – great work ! And the large numbers weren’t a problem – the main thing we like you to do really is keep to the right (inside) when not passing others – and don’t dramatically change your line of running

Best wishes to any/all of you who are participating in next Sunday’s ‘Run 4 kids’ – please let me know your results /times.

As usual we will be in action on Tuesday evening next, 26th March – ready to run at 6pm

In 2013, as usual, we’re located at the Baseball field, & using the pavilion over there. Access by car is quite good & parking is very handy - enter from Ring Road East & go around to the Baseball field along the road around the back (Wellington Rd end) of Oval 1. You can park at the rear of the pavilion if space – or on the dirt road above if you like

Something special for next Tuesday evening (26th) !

The big news is that our good friend Prue Davison – from NIKE – will be joining us again next Tuesday evening, 26th March.

Prue will bring along a range of Nike's trial running shoes for you to try out on the night. Come early – any time after 5.30pm – find a pair of shoes that fit you comfortably and offer right support for your foot type – and do the night’s workout in those shoes.

Additionally we hope that there will be a small Nike ‘takeaway’ for all – or most - who attend.

Forewarning – Easter Tuesday’s session (Tuesday 2nd April)

On Tuesday 2nd April our running session will of course be on – but we’ll be starting early – 4.45pm – as Monash Sport need all activities to be finished by 6pm on that evening

Saturday Morning Hill Session at Jells Park – 23 March - All welcome !

Our usual weekly Hill session will be on Saturday next, 23rd March 2013 - at Jells Park, and I’ll be there.

We’ll meet at the usual spot, ready to run, at 8.30am SHARP (please try to be on time) - out the front of the cafe – ‘Madeline’s’. Enter Jells Park from the entrance in Waverley Rd extension – opposite the Glen Waverley Golf Course.

It was really nice to have a respite from the hot weather last Saturday – although the track was still dusty – but it was an ideal morning – and good to see a huge turn out once again. We welcomed Anthony & Radha for a ‘guest’ visit, and Chanaka made his first appearance 

Stacey did the full workout – even though she had a her Softball Semi Final in the afternoon (& her team won). When questioned she mentioned that it’s lucky for her – as last year she did the hill session the morning of the Grand Final – which her team won !

This year’s Grand Final is next Saturday so I reckon we’ll see her in the morning – rain , hail, or shine.

Next Saturday should be big again – see you on all then .

Some News

Emer Casey Run at Monash Clayton Campus – Sunday 26th May 2013

This is an event I really want all of you to get behind please.

The Emer Casey Foundation raises money for Ovarian & Uterine Cancer research – and proudly supports the Peter McCallum Cancer Centre.

5k & 10k events.

I have flyers for you of a Tuesday evening.

Great Ocean Road Marathon weekend 18/19 May 2013

I’ll have entry forms available of a Tuesday evening – there is a terrific range of races for you to choose from if you’d like to participate.

A Footy Tipping Comp for you (thanks David D)

If it's not too late for your weekly mail-out to the running group and if you're willing to do this, please feel welcome to put ian plug for our probabilistic footy-tipping competition at; .
It's a world-first, it's free for all to enter, and more is at;

Greetings friends & fellow athletes!!
(From Anna Ross – a good friend of mine & member of my Aths Club

I recommend your participation in this survey – TV)

Greetings friends & fellow athletes!!

My name is Anna, and alongside competing with Glenhuntly on the track and in cross country, I am also studying a Masters of Psychology at RMIT University. As part of my studies, I am conducting a quick online survey that you are invited to participate in.

Being physically active and eating healthily are widely recognised as important behaviours in looking after our health. However, most of us don’t manage to get the amounts of physical activity or eat healthy foods as recommended by Australian health experts, in order to maintain optimal health.

That’s why we’re interested in finding out more about what gets in the way of healthy eating and physical activity. We are specifically interested in finding out more about what gets in the way for everyday people in the general population to get the recommended amounts of exercise and dietary intake. We want to investigate the psychological barriers to and beliefs about exercise and healthy eating that prevent engagement in these behaviours. We hope to use the findings from this project to inform health promotion, so health specialists can find ways to help with overcoming these barriers to help us look and feel healthier.

We are looking for participants; male or female, aged 18 years or over. Participation involves completing an online questionnaire (approx. 20 minutes to complete) and will provide us with valuable information in this areas.

Participation is completely voluntary and entirely anonymous; we will not know who has or has not participated, nor will we be able to identify individuals’ responses.

If you are interested in participating, or would like more information, please click on the following link:

Thanks for your time. Your participation is very much appreciated :)
And thanks so so much to those of you who have already completed the survey- you guys are amazing, thankyou !!!!

Monash Uni ‘Respectful Communities Initiative’

If you have concerns about your own safety – or the safety of others – contact the Monash University Safer Communities Unit – 9905 1599 or email

Our Name!

Officially we are the ‘Monash University Running Group’ – but in normal conversation referred to as ‘Run Monash’.

Running Group Waiver Form – A message from Monash Sport.

All participants of the Running Group are required by the University to complete a waiver form. This form has a number of purposes. It firstly acts as a waiver to advise participants of the potential risks involved in the activity. It will also provide Monash Sport with valuable statistics in regards to who (student/staff/alumni/community) is participating in this activity. The University is requesting information on who is participating in all of Monash Sport's programs so this will assist Monash Sport in their reporting back to the University about student, staff and alumni usage. The form also provides an emergency contact point should anything happen. Hopefully we never need to use this information though!

If you haven't completed a form already, please click on the link below to download a form, complete it and bring it to the next session and give it to me /TV.

I will have spare blank forms with me of a Tuesday evening. Thanks to the great many of you who have completed & returned forms to me already.

News from Monash Sport

Semester 1 Group Fitness Timetable

New classes and programs designed to help you kick-start a new fitness routine! See what classes are on at your campus now! Re-energise your afternoon with pilates or yoga, lift the intensity with a range Les Mills programs and or break out with some new moves in our highly addictive Zumba classes. With new TRX suspension, group cycle, and many other classes there is always something exciting for everybody.

Sport at Monash Guide 2013

The 2013 guides are now available from the Information Counter in the Sport building – and I have a few spare copies available for collection of a Tuesday evening – get yourself one. We get a small mention on page 3.

Monash Tuesday Night Running Group Facebook

This is the link to the Running Group Facebook page;

if you “Like” this page then you will be part of the group, you can also add friends to this page who might like the group.

We will continue to put up messages, pictures and video for everyone to see on this page and if you have liked it you will be notified.

Amy Pollock-Hall is our new facebook guru – speak to Amy, Chris, or I if any questions.

Our Website ‘Monash University Running Squad’

 Thanks heaps to Michelle Ong for her great work in maintaining & updating our website – well worth a visit.

Training Diaries

I hope lots of you now keep a running diary – I have a few available for those who are keen – just ask.


(Trevor Vincent)

Monash Clayton Running Squad (Run Monash)

0407922597 / 03 98024690

21st March 2013