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This week – Tuesday 15th October 2013

posted 24 Nov 2013, 13:43 by Monash Running
Hi All

Despite having around 30 of our Run Monash squad run in the Marathon or Half Marathon on Sunday, and so still recovering, we had a terrific turnout on Tuesday evening with 70 of us ‘toeing the line’, including 10 of those who ran on Sunday.

I did however take it easier on everyone – with the ‘straights’ session.

Once again a fine night was a big bonus and made things much more enjoyable

We had 3 more new members join us this week – Shaun Geraghty, Daniel Sieiro & Alysha Heinberg.

It was great to see Alice E, Elli M, Sarah M, & Tim B rejoin us after absences of more than a week or two duration.

We welcome all of you to our great squad and hope you enjoyed the experience

· In recent weeks we have welcomed lots of new potential squad members to Run Monash. If you are one of these – but have not returned since your first night please let me know by return email if you will be back. I really can’t keep people on the mailing list who don’t intend to participate with us on a regular basis.

Thanks again to those who can’t attend who send me an ‘apology’ – as I’ve said this demonstrates more than just a casual involvement in our ‘Run Monash’ squad.

Would you all please make a special effort to mark off/highlight your name on my attendance list each week as that’s the only way I have of keeping track of attendance numbers.

Monash Tuesday Night Running Group Facebook

This is the link to the Running Group Facebook page;

if you “Like” this page then you will be part of the group, you can also add friends to this page who might like the group.

We will continue to put up messages, pictures and video for everyone to see on this page and if you have liked us you’ll be notified.

Watch this space – but we do have a new F/B guru lined up to replace Amy when she leaves us.

As usual we will be in action on Tuesday evening next week, 22nd October – ready to run - at 6pm SHARP

In 2013, as usual, we’re located at the Baseball field, & using the pavilion over there. Access by car is quite good & parking is very handy - enter from Ring Road East & go around to the Baseball field along the road around the back (Wellington Rd end) of Oval 1. You can park at the rear of the pavilion if space – or on the dirt road above if you like.