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Some basic stuff on race day preparation/warming up for a race

posted 19 Jan 2011, 15:54 by Monash Running   [ updated 7 Mar 2013, 03:00 ]
Opinions vary - but here are my top tips:
  • First - not too full a stomach going in - you will feel sluggish and slow!
  • Suggest just tea and toast (if anything).  Ensure you have a good meal of carbos the night before
  • If racing later in the day then cereal or something 4 hours out
  • Warm up
  • No more than 12 - 15 mins easy jog and a few strides. Light sweat is enough to be warmed up.
  • You should do something in the strides as fast as you will run at the start of your race to get your system going.