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Run Monash 'Hill Session'

posted 25 Aug 2013, 04:32 by Monash Running
The session this week (as prescribed by TV):

This session is a popular one & consists of 15 minutes running on a bitumen path around the perimeter of the ornamental lake at the northern end of the Clayton Campus.

One lap is approximately 300metres & in each lap three strong efforts are made, each over a distance of around 50 metres. The first is up a quite steep hill, the next is on a stretch of path that is more gradual uphill & the third is a is a flat stretch. There is a 50 metre (approx) float or jog between each effort. Each section is marked by cones.

Of course there is a mandatory 15 Minute Warm Up & Warm Down.

Most will be aware that I’m a strong advocate of Hill Training. Amongst other benefits Hill Training teaches technique & builds stamina & speed. It can be run at any level of difficulty & still works the different muscle groups.

A top runner was once quoted as saying (& I agree with this) “If I were limited to using the one type of training for every workout I’d pick the hill workout” -TV