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Avoiding Injury and Illness

posted 29 Nov 2010, 13:10 by Leanne Dyksterhuis   [ updated 5 Mar 2013, 02:38 by Monash Running ]
Injury & Illness are the greatest enemies to developing fitness.

Some suggestions;
* Never run with the Flu - or a virus
* Stop running if a sore area gets worse with running
* Get attention immediately for soreness which is not improving with running
* Use RICE for injuries/soreness
- REST : Don't run
- ICE: Ice affected area
- COMPRESSION: Bandage if possible
- ELEVATION: Raise affected area
* Immediate cessation of running when injured will minimise interruptions to training
* Reading pulse each day can identify sudden higher levels indicating possible excess tiredness or illness
* Have a regular stretching routine, particularly for foot, ankle, calf/achilles, hamstring, quadriceps, groin, lower back, hips.
* Self massage is very valuable
* Sensible weight loss over a long period of time will result from training & sensible eating habits. Sudden weight losses are inadvisable.