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‘Long Fartlek’ variations

posted 25 Aug 2013, 04:30 by Monash Running
TV's summary of this weeks's session:

One of our ‘Long Fartlek’ variations

‘Fartlek’ is a Swedish term for ‘speed play’ and is designed to be used in the local environment . Fast running is as fast as the runner can sustain for the length on the specific effort and for the whole of the session.

As fitness improves an athlete/runner can develop a capacity to ‘float’ rather than ‘jog’ the recoveries. A ‘float’ involves a steady jog at around the same pace as the runner’s ‘easy’ running pace.

This week’s session consisted of 16 minutes of approx 60sec fast followed by 60sec easy ‘jog’ or ‘float’, so 8 efforts – then 4 minutes of approx 30sec fast followed by 30 sec ‘jog’ or ‘float’.

So this is a combined fast & easy running workout within the one session.

Of course an appropriate warm up & warm down is part of the overall session.