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Athletics Victoria Cross Country - Jells Park - 27 April 2013

posted 28 Apr 2013, 04:15 by Michelle Furniss   [ updated 28 Apr 2013, 14:05 ]
It was a beautiful day to kick off the cross country league, and many Run Monash team members ran with the Glenthuntly Athletics team.  The relay race was 6km long (see results below) and there was a lovely afternoon tea to enjoy afterwards, even a friendly 'scone-off'!

The day was made even more special as it was TV's 75th birthday!  There was lots of birthday singing, cheer, cake and speeches.  Thank you to TV who has been a great mentor to all of us, and an amazing source of inspiration.  TV does so much for the running community, and has been actively involved with the Glenhuntly AC for 57 years!!  Here is a photo of TV - our Run Monash coach, and the Glenhuntly mens team manager:

A big well done to all Run Monash team members who ran the race, a great start to what will hopefully be a very successful cross country season!  Judging by the results looks like TV's Sat morning Jells Park Hill sessions and popular Tuesday night hill efforts have paid off!

6km leg RACE RESULTS: 

Simon  Bowly 20.57
Sam  Dwyer 21.18
James  Robertson 21.24
Gordon  Meredith 21.25
Nigel  Preston 21.55
Leo Enter 22.59
Shaun  Lenehan 23.07
Amelia Aslanides 23.10
Chris Culhane 23.24
Stacey Bulger 23.30
Penny  Townshend 24.04
Rohan Simkin 24.21
Justin  Bott 24.43
Alex  Stewart 24.54
Dennis  Gellert 25.26
Laura Eades 25.34
John  Evans  26.20
Alice Enter 26.44
Rebecca  Beagley 27.19
Michelle  Ong 27.31
Ian  Henderson 27.32
Len  Johnson 27.54
Chris Allan 28.16
Carlo  Chiodo 29.54
Graham  Black 30.50
Tim  Buckenham 31.04
Kara Gilbert 31.29
Marc Chew 31.50
Dan  Jitnah 32.40