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Alasdair Wood, Run Monash at the North Face 50k

posted 20 May 2014, 22:43 by Michelle Furniss
Alasdair Wood  is back from North Face 50k race in the Blue Mountains - his report on the race follows – his race number is 457 (see photo);
" I completed the race in 7hrs 55min and was positioned 334/1000 (701 finishers). The steps were relentless throughout the race, just as you got into a nice rhythm on the trail near vertical steps would appear, the last 1km alone had 993 steps alone and over the course there was 1800m of total elevation gain and loss. Having said that I thoroughly enjoyed it, the scenery is jaw dropping, racing alongside the three sisters was a bit of a highlight for me. You can tell the Tuesday evening meets and hill sessions are integral to training for these events but I think I could of done with adding some more specific steps training more frequently into my training. Thanks for all the advice and encouragement, very much appreciated, just need to look at what trail run to do next now....
I won’t make it this week my legs are still in a bad way, just swimming this week to get them moving and shift some lactic acid. "
Note from TV: Andrew did in fact make it this week, but didn’t run