One of our Running Squad members, James Neeson, is a top sailor.

posted 11 Mar 2012, 03:31 by Monash Running
James is a fine runner - and I'd like to see him take his running a little more seriously - but he has another very strong interest, as described below - TV
The type of sailing I do is olympic windsurfing on the olympic board called the RS:X, it is about 2.7 metres long and has a sail of 9.5m^2 (fairly large), I chose to do this class of sailing because of the speed they can go (can go 45km/h in a race, faster non-racing), the physical aspects (you have to be very fit to sail it well in all conditions, light and strong winds) and how (relativity) cheap it is to travel with the gear compared to the other olympic classes. Olympic windsurfing not that large in Australia but is quite big in Europe. I got into the RS:X by watching others windsurf racing in awe when I was younger while sailing by myself in dinghys from about the age of 7. I moved into faster boats till I was about 17 and wasn't enjoying myself as much so I made the jump to windsurfing, which believe me is not an easy jump. But now in the RS:X I am enjoying every minute.


Over these holidays I have been everywhere where there has been a competition, here and over the ditch, Late last year there was the isaf world championships in Perth, unfortunatly I was unable to compete since only the top 6 from Australia were allowed to compete and I was ranked number 7, but I went over to Perth early to train. Perth was awesome since I was training with the worlds best and seeing some of the legends of the sport like the medellists from Beijing and people who have competed at 4+ olympics.

Earlier this year I went to the Australian Nationals at a beautiful place called Hawks Nest (about 2 and a half hours north of Sydney) and came 7th, which sounds good but with a fleet of about 20 is alright.

Then towards the end of February I went over to New Zealand to compete at the NZL nationals where I borrowed a board (fairly average board) and came again 7th but this time in a fleet of about 10, so not that good, but NZ has the current gold medallist and has a very well run youth program compared to Australia.


My next regatta will be around November since I cannot make

the European summer because I am getting a degree instead, but hope to go to Europe in 2014.

Monash Running,
11 Mar 2012, 03:31