Member of the week: Sandra Superina

posted 30 Jun 2014, 17:28 by Michelle Furniss
1. Name Sandra Superina

2. Age 40  (this question WAS NOT necessary!)

3. A brief background 

Mom of three, desperate housewife since our arrival here in Australia, complete slave to a mean almost 2-yr old. I’m more of a jogger than a runner, and have been running since high school.

4. How long have you been a RunMonash member?

Since a couple of weeks from my arrival in Australia, at the end of August 2013

5. Favourite run session?

Used to be just a steady 15 km run, but now I’m more of a 8 km sort of person.  I do like Trevor’s training sessions.

6. Favourite place to run?

In the woods, or near a beach, or on top of mountains. Near nature, I guess. (NOT on concrete! Very bad on my knees.)

7. Favourite song/music to run to? (or sounds of nature)

Anything loud that gets my mind off the “pain” aspect of running. (Some that work well, are “What I’ve done?” by Linkin Park and “Dog Days are over” by Florence and the Machine.)

8. Favourite food?

I’m Italian…. So obviously it’s Japanese and Malaysian food for me.

9. What motivates you to continue running?

How I feel at the end of a run and running just makes me recharge my mental batteries.

10. What is your running goal for 2014?

Survival?  Ok, since you ask, I would like to run a half marathon within the end of the year.

11. Any general comments about your involvement in RunMonash.

Enjoying it. Thank you!

Please include a photo of yourself running.

This is in April, finished the 20km leg part of my first triathlon, and starting on the 5 km run.