Member of the Week: Laura Eades

posted 18 Aug 2014, 23:40 by Michelle Furniss
1. Name: Laura Eades

2. Age: 23

3. A brief background 
I’m from Melbourne, and in my final year of studying medicine at Monash. I’ve been running since I was eight with school and Little Aths, but I started with RunMonash when I came to Monash Uni. I also run for Glenhuntly Athletics which is how I originally met TV and found out about RunMonash. 

4. How long have you been a RunMonash member?
Four years-I surprised myself with how long it’s been when I worked it out!

5. Favourite run session?
The Lake Circuit and of course the Saturday morning hill session at Jells Park.

6. Favourite place to run?
I like the bushy trails at Jells Park, but also running along the Gardener’s Creek Bike Path from Tooronga towards the city.

7. Favourite song/music to run to? (or sounds of nature)
I’ve only tried running with an iPod once and I decided I definitely prefer the sounds of nature!

8. Favourite food?
Lots, but spaghetti Bolognese and brie cheese are definitely up there.

9. What motivates you to continue running?
It’s really addictive, especially racing! Also, the fantastic group atmosphere at training always makes the sessions fun and motivates me to come even when I’m running late and have already missed half the session!

10. What is your running goal for 2014?
To get close to my track PB’s again over summer.

11. Any general comments about your involvement in RunMonash.
I think the great atmosphere of the group is a reflection of Trevor’s amazing enthusiasm for running and encouragement of all of us. So thanks TV for being there every week to organise the sessions and cheer us on!

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