Member of the Week: Hong Lor

posted 30 Jun 2014, 17:34 by Michelle Furniss
1. Name: Hong Lor

2. A brief background: When I was younger, I didn’t like any form of physical activities. I used to see running as a form of punishment given by my PE teacher. But I started running about 5 years ago to help me lose weight. The more time I spent running, the more I came to love the sport. I love the feeling you get after each run. Now, I run about 3-4 times a week. 

3. How long have you been a RunMonash member? About 16 months.

4. Favourite run session? Saturday morning hill run in Jell Parks, and running around the lake. 

5. Favourite place to run? Inside running trial along Beach Rd, and within Jell Park.

6. Favourite song/music to run to? (or sounds of nature): Most often, it is to the sound of nature.

7. What motivates you to continue running? To better my last year marathon time (4hr 31min). I also run to clear my head, and to stay fit.

8. What is your running goal for 2014? To finish the Melbourne Marathon 2014 within 3hr 45min. But I would also be happy with under 4hr. 

9. Any general comments about your involvement in RunMonash: Prior to joining Run Monash, I was struggling to better my running time. I was also reluctant to join a running group because I was a little embarrass to run along runners who were a lot faster than myself. But after my first running session with Run Monash, I couldn’t wait for the next session. There was no pressure on me to run as fast as everybody else. I could take my time and run at my own pace. At the same time, I was inspired by everybody else to run faster and to better myself. Trevor is a great running coach. I really appreciate the encouragement and commitment he gives to each and everyone of us. Since joining Run Monash, I have always looked forward to every Tuesday evening runs, and every Saturday hill runs.

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