Member of the Week: Diana Contreras

posted 7 Aug 2014, 22:46 by Michelle Furniss
1. Name Diana Contreras

2. Age 32

3. A brief background 
I am from Colombia and have been studying in Australia for almost 5 years. I started running when I was ten but stopped two years later. I started again at 20 and had to quit two years later again. I finally started at 30 and have been going strong for about two years now. This time hopefully I won’t stop! 

4. How long have you been a RunMonash member?
I have been a RunMonash member for one and a half’ish’ years.

5. Favourite run session?
My favourite session is the 100 meters effort. 

6. Favourite place to run?
My favourite place to run is the Tan.

7. Favourite song/music to run to? (or sounds of nature)
I enjoy listening to electronic music while running. 

8. What motivates you to continue running?
My main motivation to continue running is the challenge that I am not good at it. For this reason I enjoy joining RunMonash every Tuesday to see the enthusiasm of others runners. This along with the encouragement and care of Trevor motivates me. Believe it or no, I have improved! 

9. What is your running goal for 2014?
My running goal for 2014 is to not get injured! :P and to keep running and do a half marathon.