Member of the week: Andrew van Agtmaal

posted 30 Sep 2014, 00:08 by Michelle Furniss
1.     Name: Andrew van Agtmaal

2.     Age: 23

3.     A brief background 
I'm a fifth year sci / eng student. Started running regularly around 2012 during a year off playing sport regularly to keep up my fitness.

4.     How long have you been a RunMonash member?
A bit over a year now.

5.     Favourite run session?
The Saturday hills session or the lake.

6.     Favourite place to run?
I would have said Wuchatsch reserve near my home town of Nyora until recently, but probably Ferny Creek now, a beautiful, fantastic (and challenging) place to run!

7.     Favourite song/music to run to? (or sounds of nature)
Definitely the sound of nature, but occasionally if I'm running near traffic, I'll pop in the earphones.

8.     Favourite food?
Anything Thai / risotto / dumplings related. If it's after a run, my favourite reduces to the nearest source of food.

9.     What motivates you to continue running?
Keeping fit, and it's a great way to start or end the day! Trying to outrun my brother is also a pretty good motivation as well, I'll admit.

10.  What is your running goal for 2014?
Didn't really have a specific goal coming into the year besides to run regularly, but after doing a lot more running and enjoying it, it is now to run a half marathon at a decent pace.

11.  Any general comments about your involvement in RunMonash.
Wish I had joined years ago, fantastic group. Thanks Trevor for all the work you put in!